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RAN N48 Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk

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MH-60R Seahawk
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  The Australian Government announced the approval of the acquisition of 24 MH-60R Seahawk ‘Romeo’ naval combat helicopters at a cost of over $3 billion on 16 June 2011.

At the same time, Defence signed a Letter of Agreement for the acquisition with the United States Government and the first two helicopters are due to arrive in mid-2014 for testing and evaluation. Operations are expected to commence in mid-2015.

The new helicopters will replace the Navy’s combat helicopter capability provided by 16 Seahawk S-70B-2 helicopters and will also provide the air to surface strike capability which was to have been provided by the cancelled Super Seasprite program. This follows a 15-month competitive acquisition process involving the Sikorsky-Lockheed Martin built MH-60R and the NATO Helicopter Industries NH90 NFH assembled by Australian Aerospace.

The helicopters are largely military off-the-shelf built by Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin and will be purchased through the Foreign Military Sales process from the US Navy.

Acquisition of 24 ‘Romeos’ under Project AIR 9000 Phase 8 is intended to give the RAN the capacity to provide at least eight warships with a combat helicopter at the same time, including Anzac Class Frigates and the new Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers.

The remainder will be based at Albatross in Nowra, New South Wales, and will be in various stages of the regular maintenance and training cycle.

The MH-60R will be equipped with combat systems designed to employ Hellfire air-to-surface missile and the Mark 54 anti-submarine torpedo.

The first two MH-60R helicopters were formally accepted into service by NUSQN725 at Jacksonville in Florida on January 24. 








901 1 10 168814 26/06/2013. Initial test flight at Sikorsky's production facility in Stratford, Connecticut, USA.
The helicopter successfully passed a range of tests during the 1 hour and 20 minute sortie including controllability, engine performance, vibration analysis and navigation.
A second sortie later that day completed the 'Contractor Flight Acceptance' phase.
The helicopter was then fitted with its mission systems and sensors at Lockheed Martin's facility in Owego, New York.
10/12/2013 Delivered.
24/01/2014 Accepted into service by NUSQN725 at Jacksonville in Florida
27/04/2015 at 725 Sq Nowra..

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902 2 10 168815 10/12/2013 Delivered.
24/01/2014 A
ccepted into service by NUSQN725 at Jacksonville in Florida.

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903 3 10 168816 24/02/2014 Flown and delivered to be equipped with Radar/electronics etc
As Gauntlet 03 of NUSQN 725 it became the first Australian MH-60R to fire a Mk.54 torpedo.
First MH-60R to be embarked.
xx/02/2015 Embarked HMAS Perth..


904 4 10 168817 24/02/2014 Flown and delivered to be equipped with Radar/electronics etc.


905 5 11 168818 On Static Display at Avalon 2015.
Flying display at Avalon 2017 as Tiger 05 of 816 Sqn.


906 6 11 168819 On order


907 7 11 168820 On order


908 8 11 168821 On order


909 9 11 168822 Flying Display at Wings Over Illawarra 2017 as Tiger 09 of 816 Sqn.


910 10 11 168823 On order


911 11 11 168824 On order


912 12 11 168825 Noted at Canberra 11/07/17 as Gauntlet 12 of 725 Sqn.


913 13 11 168826 On order


914 14 12 168827 Noted at Nowra as Gauntlet 14 of 725 Sqn.


915 15 12 168828 On order


916 16 12 168829 On order


917 17 12 168830 On order


918 18 12 168831 On order


919 19 12 168832 On order


920 20 12 168833 On order


921 21 12 168834 On order


922 22 12 168835 On order


923 23 13 168836 On order


924 24 13 168837 On order
Built as SH-60B 162098, (C/N 70-0388),
1st of 7 SH-60B's rebuilt to MH-60R "Bromeo" standard,
Re-serialled 166402 after conversion,
05/08/2005 First flight as MH-60R (and first ever MH-60 flight),

To HSM-41 as TS-400 at NAS North Island, CA,
09/08/2010 Retired to AMARC with inventory code ANIM0015,
17/01/2014 Road freighted to Fleet readiness Centre Southeast (FRCSE) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida for conversion to Instructional Airframe,
To be delivered to HMAS Albatross, Nowra for use as Ground Instructional Airframe.

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Updated 15th November 2014


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