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P.8A Poseidon A47-001 Edinburgh 17th November 2016 Photo Nathan Rundle


Boeing P-8A Poseidon Image Gallery

  Under Project Air 7000 2B, 8 aircraft are now on order (plus options for an additional 4) for delivery from 2017 with all aircraft operational by 2021 to replace the AP-3C Orion. this option was confirmed for an initial buy of 8 airframes.

An order for a an additional batch of airframes was confirmed in the 2016 Defence White Paper. Eight Poseidon aircraft will be introduced in the early 2020s, with seven additional aircraft to be acquired in two tranches to bring the total to 15 aircraft by the late 2020s.

Aircraft Serial Aircraft Type. Const/No. USN.Serial Test
Aircraft History
A47-001 P-8A
L/N 5823
C/N 62288
TBA N940DS 25/11/2015 registered N940DS to Boeing Co, Renton, WA, USA
Roll Out, Boeing Renton
06/05/2016 first flight
16/11/2016 arrived Avalon, Vic.
16/11/2016 arrived Canberra for official ceremonies
17/11/2016 arrived Edinburgh (in company with Orion A9-664)

Boeing P-8A 
Photo via Brendan Cowan

A47-002 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A47-003 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A47-004 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A47-005 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A47-006 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A47-007 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-008 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-009 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-010 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-011 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-012 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-013 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-014 P-8A   TBA   On order.
A46-015 P-8A   TBA   On order.

The authors of this page are Brendan Cowan and Martin Edwards

Heading photo by Nathan Rundle

Source: Defence Media Centre, RAAF News, , Aero Australia Issue 43 July/September 2014 , Australian Aviation magazine,

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Updated 22nd October 2016


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