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  DC-2-112 A30-8
 2 W.A.G.S.
 via Mike Mirkovic

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RAAF.Serial Radio.Callsign Aircraft.Type. C/N USAF.Serial Aircraft History
A30-1 ? DC-3-232 2002 n/a ANA DC-3 VH-UZJ, 'Kyilla''Chartered 11/09/39, Camouflaged ,
Allotted and marked A30-1 to 8 Sqn RAAF.
Wright Cyclone #27143 and 25199.
Accident 10/10/39 in service with 8 Sqn RAAF,
Aircraft landed with parking brakes on and tipped on nose, damaging both airscrew and engines.
Both airscrews and engines replaced (Wright Cyclone#25201 and 25202, rec 2AD ex ANA 17/11/39 installed 05/02/40).
In service with 8 Sqn RAAF 06/06/40.
Returned to ANA ex 8 Sqn RAAF 11/06/40.
Forced Landing following bad weather at destination Essendon caused the closure of this airfield.
The aircraft diverted to Mangalore where it undershot the runway north of Mangalore VIC, 29/12/48.

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A30-2 ? DC-3-232 2003 n/a ANA DC-3 VH-UZK,"Kurana" Chartered 11/09/39. Camouflaged.
Allotted and marked A30-2 to 8 Sqn RAAF.
Wright Cyclone #27144 and 27081.
Eng#27081 exchanged for #25202 during charter.
Returned to ANA 13/02/40.
The DC-3 departed Essendon at 07:26 08/11/48 for a flight to Denilquin, NSW.
At around 07:40 the flight was seen passing Mount Macedon township at low altitude.
The aircraft then struck cloud-covered Mount Macedon Vic near the summit.

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A30-3 ? DC-3-202A 2029 n/a Delivered to ANA 17/10/38 as VH-ABR "Kanana".
Chartered 11/09/39.Camouflaged ,
Allotted and marked A30-3 to 8 Sqn RAAF.
Wright Cyclone #25203 and 27087.
To ANA 27/03/40 for Engine change.
Rec 8 Sqn RAAF ex ANA 05/04/40.
Returned to ANA as VH-ABR "Kanana" on 17/05/40.
Was on display Tullamarine VIC from 30/08/81.
Restored and now flying again as VH-ABR.

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A30-4 ? DC-3-232A 2030 n/a ANA DC-3 VH-ACB,
Registered to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd Aircraft was named 'Warana' (blue sky)
Chartered 11/09/39.
Camouflaged , Allotted and marked A30-4 to 8 Sqn RAAF.
Wright Cyclone #27086 and 27080.
Accident 23/02/40 when huge gust of wind damaged hinge brackets on elevators.
Returned ANA ex 8 Sqn RAAF 24/05/40.
Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-ACB - June 4, 1940.
Registered to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd.
Crashed 19/01/43, 3.8 mils from Melbourne-Essendon Airport, VIC . Pic held 1942.
A30-5 ? DC-2-112 1287 n/a Order#603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2, NC13737.
Overhauled Miami Eastern Airways Depot.
Shipped "MV City of Sydney" ex USA 20/09/40.
Rec ANA ex USA 02/12/40.
Fitted Wright Cyclones #22740/21979.
Rec 1AD ex ANA 06/12/40.
Damaged by storm at Laverton 27/12/40 when torn from moorings causing damage to wing tips.
Rec 1WAGS 01/41.
Rec 1AD ex 1WAGS 26/02/41.
Rec 1WAGS ex 1AD 13/04/41.
Issued ANA ex 1WAGS 20/05/42.
Rec 3WAGS ex ANA 01/06/42.
Accident 04/07/42 at Maryborough Qld.
Starboard brakes locked up on landing causing aircraft to collide with objects on landing ground , damaging starboard tail plane.
Pilot was W/O B Starkey. No injuries.
Equipment transferred to A30-13 22/074/42.
Issued to 36 Sqn RAAF 14/09/42.
Acccident 1910hrs 14/09/42, when aircraft on approach to Seven Mile Strip PNG, crashed and burned.
Crew; F/Lt S Devine, F/Sgt Alber Serv#600805, Sgt Daily, LAC Foers Serv340432, and Sgt Beitz were killed.
AMSE Approval to write off 23/10/42. Installed Wright Cyclones#21937/22792

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A30-6 VH-CRJ DC-2-112 1259 n/a Order#603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2 NC13733.
Overhauled Miami Eastern Airways Depot.
Shipped "MV City of Sydney" ex USA ex USA 20/09/40.
Rec ANA ex USA 06/12/40.
Rec 1AD ex 3EFTS(ANA). Fitted Wright Cyclones#21678/22731.
Issued 1WAGs ex 1AD 13/01/41.
Accident 07/12/41 when aircraft overshot landing and ran through boundary fence.
Pilot was Sgt F P Nolan Serv#407335.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 1WAGS 20/08/42.
Accident 23/12/42, Stock Route Strip when aircraft crashed landed with undercarriage damage.
Rec 12RSU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 23/12/42.
Rec 5Ad ex 12RSU 24/08/43.
DCA 20/12/43 VH-ADQ,
Crashed 04/12/43 Bendigo.
F/Lt H R Clarke and F/O J B Mullaney
Rebuilt using KNILML Aircraft mainplane.
To ANA as VH-AEN 11/44.
To New Holland Airways 19/04/47,
Ccrashed 09/05/48, Darwin NT.
A30-7 Not Issued DC-2-112 1290 n/a Order#603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2,NC13740.
Overhauled Miami Eastern Airways Depot.
Shipped "MV Port Chalmers" ex USA ex USA 30/09/40.
Rec ANA ex USA by sea 21/12/40.
Rec 1AD ex 3EFTS 29/10/40. Fitted Wright Cyclones #21942 and 21710.
Temp allocated Signal School 14/01/41.
Rec 1 WAGS 02/03/41.
Rec 1AD 02/06/41.
Rec 2WAGS 07/06/41.
Accident 1015hrs 15/06/42,
Aircraft crashed landed from 200 feet quarter of a mile from boundary fence during a series of take-off and landing exercises at Parkes, NSW.
Crew; PLTOFF C.R.N. Lewis 3889 (Pilot), FLTLT N.C.P. Blight 366 (2nd Pilot), FLGOFF H.R.I. Cox 689, SGT W.C. Arthur 61516 (passenger), CPL I.B. Sharpe 4776(passenger), CPL N.H. Harris 37296 (passenger), LAC E.T. Ryan 42292 (passenger), AC1 M. Gilday 63372 (passenger), AC1 E.R. McPhee 18885(passenger), AC1 D.J. Slatter 43622 (passenger) and AC1 J.J. O’Donnell 42276 (passenger) all slightly injured.
Converted to components 10/07/42. Wright Cyclones #21709 and 21942.
A30-8 Not Issued DC-2-112 1291 n/a Order #603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2, NC13781.
Overhauled Miami Eastern Airways Depot.
Shipped "MV Port Chalmers" ex USA ex USA 30/09/40.
Rec ANA ex USA 03/01/41.
Rec 1AD ex ANA 09/01/41.
Rec Signal School ex 1AD 02/02/41.
Rec 2WAGS ex Signal School 07/06/41.
Rec 1AD ex 2WAGS to be fitted with DF Loop and have engine change 05/01/42.
Issued 2WAGS ex 1AD 12/01/42. Shot Down 28/01/42 enroute Sourabaya - Koepang.
Actual location between Soemba Straits and Flores Island.
Crew; F/O Noel Wilson Webster Serv#847, F/Sgt Lionel Maurice Van Praag Serv#60431, Sgt Eric Picker Serv#8602 and Cpl Frederick Christopher James Mason Serv#10306.
All four evacuated by RAAF Hudson from Wangapoe, and flown to Australia 10/02/42 from NEI.
F/Sgt Lionel Van Praag Serv#60431 and admitted 1RAAF Hospital 10/02/42.
Awarded the George Medal,
He later became a F/Lt in 36 Sqn RAAF later in the war.
Log book entries included Kittyhawk and CW-22 Curtiss Falcon,and would later fly for Adastra Aerial Survey flying Hudsons.
Struck off Records 27/02/42 Per File#9/1/1123. Fitted Wright Cyclones Engines#21682 and 22756

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A30-9 VH-CRK DC-2-112 1292 n/a Order #603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2, NC13782.
Rec ANA ex USA 03/02/41. Fitted with Wright Cyclones #21972/22743.
Allotted 2WAGs ex 3EFTS (Ferrying) vis 1AD 08/02/41.
Rec 1AD ex 3EFTS 09/02/41.
Issued 1WAGs ex 1AD 17/03/41.
Accident 24/03/41 when aircraft rudder blown against its stops while taxying in gale.
Fin buckled and rudder warped. Pilot, P/O Rownington not injured.
Rec 1AD for Service ex WAGs 26/03/41.
Rec 1WAGS ex 1AD 30/03/41.
Rec 1AD ex WAGS for eng change 17/09/41.
Issued 1WAGs ex 1AD 23/09/41.
Rec 1AD ex 1WAGS 16/10/41.
Issued 1WAGS ex 1AD 29/10/41.
Rec Signals School ex 1WAGs 02/02/42.
Rec 1WAGS ex Signal School(1SFTS?) 09/02/42.
Rec 3WAGS ex 1WAGS 23/03/42.
Issued ANA Archerfield ex 3WAGS 27/04/42.
Rec 2WAGS ex ANA 30/07/42.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 2WAGS 14/08/42.
Rec 1AD ex 36 Sqn RAAF 08/11/42.
Issued Parachute Training Unit (PTU) ex 1AD 30/11/42.
Engine Change Ansett Essendon 29/12/42.
Rec PTU ex ANA 05/02/43.
Accident at Tocumwal 12/03/43. NFDs.
Issued ANA ex PTU 23/03/43.
Rec PTU exANA 14/04/43.
Rec ANA ex PTU 24/06/43.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex ANA 12/08/43. Coded as RE-K. Named "ELLZAPOPPIN".
Rec PTU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 23/04/44.
Rec 2AD ex PTU 14/12/44.
Recommendation per File#9/16/2097 to dispose of aircraft 10/08/45 to Dept of Civil Aviation. Rejected by DCA 16/01/46.
Issued Free of charge to CSIRO ex 2AD 25/07/46. Final Wright Cyclones #21971/21699.
Restoration start at Essendon 10/82.
Commenced for restoration to airworthy status in the late 1980's by a private syndicate,
Corrosion found in the centre-section left the aircraft permanently grounded.
Was on display near the airport at Tyabb VIC in 2004.
In early 2005 the owners donated the aircraft to the Museum under the Cultural Gift Program,
It is one of eight DC-2's remaining in the world, and today A30-9 is the third oldest Douglas Commercial airliner in existence.
Now owned by the Moorabbin Air Museum.

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A30-10 VHCRD DC-2-171 1372 n/a Order #603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2, NC14969.
Rec 1AD 17/03/41 ex 3EFTS following assembly post sea delivery.Fitted Wright Cyclones Engines#23344 and 23445.
Issued 1WAGS 21/04/41.
Rec 1AD ex 1WAGS 18/08/41.
Rec 1WAGS ex 1AD 20/08/41.
Rec 1AD ex 1WAGS 23/09/41.
Issued 1WGS 12/10/41.
 Rec 1AD ex 1WGS 18/12/41.
Rec 1WGS ex 1AD 28/12/41.
Dispatched to ANA Essendon 06/01/42 for camouflaging.
Rec 1AD ex Essendon 11/01/42.
Issued to ANA for transport modifcations 28/01/42.
Progress not satisfactory 06/02/42.
Rec 1AD ex ANA 23/03/42.
Issued Northern Area 23/03/42.
Departed Port Pirie to Laverton 09/04/42.
Rec 1AD ex Pearce WA 13/04/42.
Arrived Richmond with LR tanks 19/04/42.
Allocated 36 Sqn RAAF 28/04/42.
Alice Springs 06/05/42 after delivery of two engines to Daly Waters.
Returned for service at Laverton 04/07/42.
Delivered to 36 Sqn RAAF 04/08/42.
Accident 1101hrs 25/11/42 when taking off from Mallacoota Aerodrome the aircraft crashed on take-off after starboard engine failed.
Pilots, F/O J L Whiteman and P/O F J Ball slightly injured. with all passengers injured; Sgt A J Scott Serv#420409, LAC J Varderway Serv#47614 and LAC R L Vance Serv#41843 slightly injured and Cpl Greenhill Serv#42802, seriously injured.
Airframe salvaged and held ANA Essendon 30/12/42.
Approval to be converted to components 11/02/43.
Approval for transfer of remains to RAE Training Centre at Wagga 12/08/43 ex 1AD.Fitted Wright Cyclones Engines#21678 and 22751.

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A30-11 VH-CRE DC-2-112 1286 n/a Order #603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2, NC13736.
Rec 1AD ex ANA 30/03/41.
Iss 1SFTS ex 1AD 24/04/41.
Rec 1AD ex 1SFTS 05/04/42.
Rec 36 Sqn ex 1AD 13/04/42.
Issued to ANA to be converted to carry engines(Freight Door).
Allotted to 36 Sqn RAAF ex ANA 08/06/42.
At Richmond 13/06/42, used to carry engines between Laverton and Batchelor.
Carried 2SC3Es engines to Pearce 25/06/42.
Accident 18/11/42 when , due to break failure, aircraft taxied into stationary DC-2 VH-UYB at 23OBU, Garbutt.
Accident 20/11/42 when at Garbutt due to brake failure, taxied into astationary B-25 at dusk.
Pilot on both occassions being F/O R B Keig.
Allotted ANA ex 36 Sqn RAAF 07/01/43.
Rec ANA ex 36 Sqn RAAF 24/05/43.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF 28/05/43 coded as RE-B and recoded RB-A.Named "MAALEESH".
Rec ANA ex 36 Sqn RAAF 26/04/44.
Allotted PTU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 18/04/44.
Accident 0922hrs 11/05/44 when on take-off, aircraft swung and despite correction, port undercarriage collapsed.
Crew; F/Lt J D Balfe Serv#272371, P/O J D Potter, F/Sgt G L Madson Serv#423154, LAC R J Hackett Serv#130317 and Sgt J C Playfoot Serv#300429 were not injured.
Rec ANA 18/05/44.
Allotted 7AD ex ANA 22/05/44.
Rec 7AD ex ANA 18/06/44.
Rec ANA ex 7AD 18/07/44.
Rec 34Sqn RAAF ex ANA Parafield 02/12/44.
Aircraft to be only flown on Australian mainland due to being uncamouflaged at this time.
Issued 37Sqn RAAF ex 34Sqn RAAF 02/03/45.
Accident 1100 hrs 02/03/45 when after taking off from Parafield,
The port engine failed, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing at Parafield.
Unable to lower the starboard under carriage completely, the aircraft groundlooped on landing.
Crew: F/Lt W O Thomas Serv#407935, F/Sgt D Mc Clelland Serv#424672, F/O A Fletcher Serv# 5970, and F/Lt F S Duthie Serv#A1585.
5 Army, 2 Navy, 4 RAAF and 1 US Army passengers were not injured.
Alloted 5AD ex 37Sqn RAAF 05/03/45.
Approved to transfer to DCA 10/08/45.
Offer rejected, 16/01/46.
Aircraft sold through CDC Mascot NSW for 52 Pounds 03/10/46.
Struck off 09/12/46 to purchaser, but was collected 27/11/46.
Stores in Sid Marshall's yard.
Transported to Albury 1979

Placed on display as KLM's PH-AJU as center piece of "UIVER Memorial" at Albury Airport
Removed from display at Uiver Memorial late 2002 for preservation work.
Still in outside storage awaiting decision on its future.
(Moorabbin Air Museum also has A30-9 currently painted as PH-AJU)

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A30-12 VH-CRF DC-2-112 1257 n/a Order #603 Ex General Air Lines DC-2 NC13731.
Ex Eastern Airlines, Rec 1 AD ex ANA 31/03/41.
Issued 1 CF ex 1AD 17/06/41.
Accident 30/09/41 when aircraft cockpit was damaged by electrical fire at Archerfield.
Issued ANA ex 1 CF 05/10/41.
Allotted 36 Sqn RAAF ex 1 AD 28/04/42.
Allotted 33Sqn RAAF ex 36 Sqn RAAF 25/05/42.
Canc 08/07/42. In serv 36 Sqn RAAF 24/08/42.
Accident at Iron Range Strip 11/09/42 damaging starboard Wing.
Pilot; F/O A K Arnold.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 12 RSU Iron Range 12/10/42.
Rec 12 RSU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 27/11/42.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 12 RSU 29/11/42.
Accident 02/12/42 when on landing at Garbutt aircraft ground looped in cross wind on runway 070 damaging tail cone and fuselage as locking pins of tail wheel failed to sheer.
Pilot, W/O Allan Randall and crew not injured.
Rec 12 RSU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 03/12/42.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 12 RSU 22/12/42.
With 36 Sqn RAAF, coded as RB-A "Silk Merchant" then later recoded RB-B.
Rec PTU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 04/06/43.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex PTU 14/07/43.
Rec PTU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 23/04/44.
Accident 11/05/44 when on take-off aircraft groundlooped causing port undercarriage to collapse at Richmond RAAF Base.
Pilot; F/Ly J D Balfe Serv#272371 and crew not injured.
Issued 2 CRD ex PTU 15/05/44.
Rec 2 AD ex PTU vis 2 CRD 20/05/44.
Rec 37 Sqn RAAF ex 2 AD 09/03/45.
Approved to transfer to DCA 31/08/45. Offer rejected, 16/01/46.
Sold through CDC 04/10/46 to Marshall Airways.
Issued 22/11/46 to Purchaser.
AMSE Approval to W/O File#9/16/2097.
Fuselage was at Narellau NSW 04/71 in faded Camo. Pics held EALs and RAAF and Post war.
Thereafter NFDs.

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A30-13 VH-CRG DC-2-171 1373 n/a Order #603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2,NC14970.
Rec 1AD ex ANA 27/04/41.
Rec 2WAGS ex 1D 16/06/41.
Used to convey RAAF HQ Staff to Darwin ex Richmond 31/01/42.
Arrived Darwin 08/02/42.
Rec 1AD ex Darwin 11/02/42.
Issued 2WAGS ex 1AD 25/02/42.
Rec 1AD ex Northern Area 21/03/42.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 1AD 29/04/42.
Rec 10RSU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 03/08/42.
Allotted 3WAGS 18/08/42. Canc.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 10RSU 04/09/42.
Accident 1715hrs 08/01/43 when aircraft swung to port on landing at Cooktown,
When in attempt to go around, aircraft stalled 10 feet above runway, causing the starboard wing to contact the new runway first, resulting in a groundloop.
Pilot; W/O B Starkey Serv#20561 and crew; F/Sgt G Unkles Serv#408714, Fitter LAC J R Naugh Serv#52113, Sgt A J Stribley Serv#420409 and passengers F/O F P Nolan Serv#407335, Sgt H J Fletcher Serv#405204, Sgt A K Crooks Serv#413234, Sgt A Picton Serv#409+802, Sgt G Shanks Serv#409752 and F/O J A Bonnington Serv#1926 were not injured.
AMSE Approval to Write-off per File#9/16/689 Min#21 18/08/43 and converted to components, at 1AD.

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A30-14 VH-CRH DC-2-112 1288 n/a Order #603 Ex Eastern Airlines DC-2,NC13738.
Rec ANA ex USA 01/05/41.
Installed Engines: #21699 and 22744.
Rec 1AD ex ANA 09/05/41.
Used by 1AD to 23/12/41.
Issued 2WAGS ex 1AD 22/01/42.
Rec 1CF ex 1AD 25/01/42.
Used to convey W/T equipment to Darwin 31/01/42.
Returned Richmond 03/02/42.
Served with 36 Sqn as VH-CRH on fuselage behind serial . Named "Me Mate".
Accident 11/09/42 when landing at Cooktown Strip
On travelling to Iron Range, when aircraft swung to port and ran off airstrip and was bogged.
Pilot was F/Sgt G A Pratt.
Rec 12RSU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 28/09/42. Picture held.
Crated Cooktown.
Issued Essendon Vic ex Cairns on SS Cardross 19/02/43.
Repaired and handed over toDept of Civil Aviation ex ANA 09/10/43.
Accident 02/12/43 when aircraft ran off strip at Evans Head Strip. NFDs.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex Dept of Civil Aviation 16/02/44.
Rec PTU ex 36 Sqn RAAF 23/04/44.
Rec 2AD ex PTU 14/12/44.
Approved to transfer to DCA 10/08/45. Offer rejected, 16/01/46.
Sold through CDC 20/01/47 to Marshall Airways for 250pounds. Issued to Marshalls 25/02/47.
AMSE Approval to Writeoff per File# 9/16/2097.
Purchased by Dutch Dakota Association. Shipped to Den Helder docks onboard Dutch Navy supply ship HM Zuiderkruis 12/88
Was located at Hanger 3, Thermiekstraat, Schiphol Airport,
Donated by DDA to the Aviodome Museum for their new location and theme park "AVIODROME" at Lelystad Airport [NL].
Will be restored to static condition.
Pics held 1AD and Cooktown.

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A30-15 VH-DAA/
C-47-DL 6172 41-38713 Ex 41-38713,
Departed USA 08/02/1943 per Advisement WL366.
Second C-47 on Order Case 126 Indent 927A Diversion 173 ( 2 C47s out of 2 required) Aus 4 Requisition 2849,
ex USAAF Contract DAW 535-AC-167 . became A65-1.
Rec 3AD ex USA 11/02/43.Original DAT Rego: VHDAA.
Rec 36 Sqn RAAF ex 3AD 21/02/43.
Callsign VHCTA assigned DAT 11/05/43.
Rec ANA ex 36 Sqn RAAF 23/06/43.
Refer A65-1

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A30-16 VH-DAB/
C-47-DL 6149 41-38690 Ex 41-38690,
Departed USA 31/01/1943 per Advisement WL366.
First C-47 on Order Case 126 Indent 927A Diversion 173 ( 2 C47s out of 2 required) Aus 4 Requisition 2849,
ex USAAF Contract DAW 535-AC-167 .
Second C-47 delivered to RAAF.
Marked A30-16 at time of accident, DAT VHDAB A65-2 not taken up.
Delivered to the RAAF 17/02/43.
Accident 26/01/43, 36 sqn 'VH-CTB'.
Crashed 27/03/43, Archerfield QLD.
A30-17 VH-DAC/
C-47A-20-DL 9012 42-32786 Ex 42-32786,
Departed USA 17/02/1943 per Advisement WL366.
First C-47 on Order Case 200 Indent 927A Diversion 269 ( 10 C47s out of 10 required) Aus 8 Requisition 40402,
ex USAAF Contract DAW535-AC-20669.
A30-17 not taken up DAT Rego VH-DAC alloted - became A65-3.

The Author of this page is Gordon R Birkett (Previous Editor was Kevin Smith) updated by Brendan Cowan and Martin Edwards

Source:, NAA Archives per E/E-88A Cards, DAT Registration Files, Personal data collected Gordon Birkett, Australian Aviation, Always Ready - history of RAAF East Sale, Book: The Dakota, Hercules & Caribou in Australian Service, National Archives, Joop de Wit, Classic Wings Downunder Magazine, Australia @ War Website.

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